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"Revealed! The Exclusive Challenge Funnel Presentation That Transformed The 
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From: Natasha Hazlett

RE: Challenge Funnels

Dear Friend...
In May of 2018, I shared a presentation inside Russell Brunson's exclusive Inner Circle mastermind group that ended up revolutionizing the Internet Marketing world, and I want to share that training with you... 

Sound good?

But's the backstory to give you a little context...

My husband, Rich and I were looking for a way to promote my new book, Unstoppable Influence: Be You. Be Fearless. Transform Lives. and to provide a path for our clients to effortlessly ascend up our value ladder to our $997 Elite program and ultimately our high- ticket year-long programs.

Unfortunately, after calculating the printing, shipping and handling costs, plus our ad spend, the free+shipping model numbers were less than impressive. :- (

We didn't WANT to lose a bunch of money on the front-end to acquire customers...

We wanted a break-even funnel...but with rising ad costs, was something like that even possible nowadays? 

We had already done the free webinar model, and as more and more people started advertising webinars, the efficacy of this strategy just started plummeting.

And we weren't the only ones who noticed this alarming trend...

Gone were the days of 30% show up rates from cold traffic!

Presentations that previously converted at 20% to cold audiences were yielding us 4% conversion rates in the webinar-over-saturated arena.

I knew that there HAD to be a better way!  So I decided to dig deep in my bag of tricks from back in 2012 when Rich and I were the #1 affiliates in a home-business training company....and from those days there was ONE tool that yielded us amazing results...

The Challenge.

A Challenge was a way that we could practically guarantee that clients got a result they were proud of.

A challenge always created incredible engagement. 

A challenge always fired our group members up and got them red hot and ready for the next step...

So we tied that concept to the epic Perfect Webinar model that Russell Brunson taught us back in 2014, added in a dash of the Free + Shipping Book model, plus a sprinkle of my tribe-building super powers and POOF!

We had invented the newest and HOTTEST marketing strategy around...  

Now, challenges aren't unique.  In fact there are tons of people now touting that they are the authority on challenge funnels...

But you can hear it from the man himself, Russell Brunson, who it was that inspired the Challenge Funnel Revolution...

It was me!

(Want Proof? Hear From Russell Brunson himself telling the story on stage at Funnel Hacking Live...) 
“So because Natasha gave me that one idea...that one funnel...the last 6 weeks in Click Funnels we had more growth per week...because of the One Funnel Away Challenge than we have had in the last 2 years...” 
- Russell Brunson
In fact, after I shared our unique take on challenges at one of our Dot Com Secrets Inner Circle meetings, Russell asked me to do a more in depth presentation on how we designed our Challenge Funnel, to our Inner Circle.  

I, of course, obliged and the special presentation I prepared for Russell and his Inner Circle gave the precise antidote to some of the Internet Marketing industry's biggest woes...

...Crummy webinar show up rates

...Low sales conversion numbers on webinars

...Crazy expensive ad spend requirements on social media

...Outrageous customer acquisition costs 

and not to mention...high refund rates!

Which is why one Inner Circle member called our Challenge Funnel: 
"The biggest thing since the "perfect webinar.""
With that being said, here are just some of the results that our fellow Inner Circle members got after implementing the 1 hour training I did...

One member did $119K in their first challenge after watching the presentation...

Here are two other Inner Circle Members who applied what they learned from me...
Russell's Inner Circle members weren't the 
only ones we've helped though...  
In our own business, we been helping our clients get crazy, awesome results with challenge funnels in a variety of niches...

That's why Russell invited me to speak at Funnel Hacking Live this year on Challenge Funnels...(I was 72 hours away from giving birth to my twins by the way...)

Here's one case study I shared when I spoke at Funnel Hacking Live,  from one of our clients in the weight loss niche.  

These stats are ridiculously amazing considering they represent only the FRONT END of her funnel and primarily consist of ads to cold traffic!

(By the way...This client sells a $247 and a $997 product during the challenge.   So, she  added an additional at least $300K + in revenue to the numbers you see below!)

Here's another case study that I shared at Funnel Hacking Live, of a client who is in the personal development niche.  Her challenge is not only changing lives, it's generating TONS of new customers and revenue for her business!

Not only has our unique Challenge Funnel strategy worked for Russell Brunson's Inner Circle members, and our clients...
It Was the Exact Funnel That Got Us Into The 
2 Comma Club Just 10 Months After We Launched It...
**Disclaimer: The above results are not typical. The average person probably won't make any money from this strategy. In order to get results you have to take massive action and be able to execute effectively. Before you buy anything ask yourself, "Am I average?" and "Can I properly execute an effective strategy?**

Now I know what you're probably thinking right now...

"Ok,'re killing me here Natasha!  Just tell me how can I get my hands on that Inner Circle presentation!"

Fair enough, I won't make you wade through 15-pages of sales copy, because quite frankly, I don't need to convince you of anything.

If you're running a challenge funnel, or if you've been thinking of creating a challenge funnel, then you obviously want the best-of-the-best training around.

And that's what I have.  

I have the exact training that Russell Brunson watched before launching his EPIC One Funnel Away Challenge that changed everything.

Now obviously, it would be very disrespectful of me to just GIVE this training away for free...given the fact that the ONLY people who had access to it are a part of Russell's Inner Circle Group that costs $50K per year and requires that you do $1MM+ in annual revenue in your business...

So I'm not going to give it away.  

Besides, no one values free stuff anymore anyways!

BUT, I AM practically giving this information to you, you just have to make a tiny $97 $37 investment and I'm going to give you the full, unedited version of this training with a few updates! 

I won't make you wait another second to access this Special Challenge Funnel Secrets training for just $37...
The Ultimate Challenge Funnel Training For Attracting The Highest Quality, Well-Paying Clients In Your Market...

Here’s a sampling of what you'll discover in this game-changing Challenge Funnel Secrets™ webinar presentation...
  • Our challenge timing guidelines (miss this and you'll screw up the whole funnel)
  • Our unique Challenge funnel pricing strategy (it's shocking how often people get this all wrong and it costs them so. many. sales.)
  • How to pick the perfect TOPIC for your challenge (this is THE biggest factor in the success or failure of Challenge Funnels) 
  • The one tool we use to get hundreds of FREE customers
  • How to turn your Challenge Funnel into a TRIBE building machine that generates red-hot buyers 
  • The #1 way to get your Challengers results that will have them begging for more from you!
  • The invisible continuity funnel built into the Challenge Funnel (this will help pay for ad spend and more, making it easier to bring in more buyers than your competitor)
…and much, MUCH more.
Don’t Spend Another Thin Dime Trying to Do A Challenge Funnel, Until You Learn From The Pioneer Herself...

With the right challenge funnel in place...

  • You'll have a TON more clients to work with and lots more time to do what you want because you won't be going through the painful learning curve most people have to go through before they start having success with challenge funnels. 
  • When you set up a simple yet super-effective challenge funnel, just imagine how amazing your life will be - No more stressing about where to find more business. 
  • When you get your funnel cranking out buyers for you, think about how all those extra sales will help you do the things you really want to do. 
  • See yourself bragging to your friends at events or on Facebook about how you set up your killer challenge funnel or heck, even picture yourself with your own 2 Comma Club award!
So Here's The Bottom Line With 
Challenge Funnel Secrets™ 
You get access to the entire training that I gave to Russell Brunson and his Inner Circle Members (with a few updates) for just a one-time payment of $37.  Seriously...that's less than a cheap night out at the local pizza joint with family and friends!

This is no ordinary training, it's the training that earned me the honor of being named Russell's Inner Circle Member of the Month! (And with a group of brilliant minds, that's a huge honor....)
Here's What You're Gonna Get ...
  • The Exclusive DotComSecrets Inner Circle Challenge Funnel Training (Value: $2,997)
  • Challenge Funnel Training Slide Deck (Value: $47)
  • Lifetime access to the training for your digital library (Value: Priceless)
Your Price Today Just A
One-Time Payment of $37

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside!


Natasha Hazlett
Time Is Very Much "Of The Essence"…
This special offer may be cancelled at any time (meaning that you will have to pay $997 or more to access this training) and trust me, 
you don't want to miss out…

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